誰說側透板只能是平的!Cooler Master 推出全新 TD500L 顛覆你對側透的定義。


Cooler Master 推出全新 MASTERBOX TD500L 機箱,一大特色為前面板和側面板接採用幾何三角切割設計,在視覺上呈現出更多元的風格,如果再加上 RGB 風扇或是其他 LED 發光套件,將能呈現出更多變的燈效,除此之外,幾何造型也不引響側透版的透視度,因此在硬體展示上也不成問題,玩家依舊可以盡情炫耀自己 DIY 的主機。這款機殼支援 6 個 120mm 風扇,前方、上方及後方皆可安裝水冷排,且支援 407mm 長度內的顯示卡,基本上玩家可以大膽的改裝這款機殼。

  • Diamond Cut Design: Stand out from the rest, with a unique, three-dimensional front panel and side panel
  • Edge-to-edge acrylic side panel: show what’s in your PC. With the unique side window you can enjoy your lighting effects from every angle.
  • Power Supply Cover: Uncomplicated and hassle-free cable management with 19mm behind the motherboard tray
  • High cooling performance: Supports six 120mm fans and radiator mounts on the lid, front and rear
  • Graphics card support: The case supports up to 407mm long graphics cards and thus all PCIe Gaming GPUs available on the market


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