EKWB EK-XLC Predator 240 AIO一體式水冷套件|EK-XLC Predator 240|$6,990

EK-XLC Predator 240 是一款設計優良、製作工藝出眾的AIO水冷散熱產品。



EK-XLC Predator 240 是一款設計優良、製作工藝出眾的AIO水冷散熱產品。消費玩家可以從 EK-XLC Predator 240 中獲得極具競爭力、可擴充性良好的水冷散熱方案。

EK-XLC Predator 240提供了極致水冷散熱性能以及組裝品質的AIO散熱產品,性能、品質遠勝同級產品。套裝內含了業界首屈一指的EK Vardar 高壓散熱風扇及穩定耐用的DDC水泵馬達,隨附之PWN控制器更可隨使用者需求而提供極致靜音與強效散熱效能!

EK-XLC Predator 240提供了業界標準的G1/4英吋規格的水冷接環,以及5/8英吋、3/8英吋管徑的橡膠軟管(EK-ZMT),同時也提供良好的擴充性,充分支援EKWB豐富的各式水冷接環產品。

如果您是經驗豐富的水冷玩家,您也可嘗試拆解 EK-XLC Predator 240 套件,並且用之打造個人專屬的水冷系統,洩水、注水的步驟相當簡單,在使用說明書中均有詳細的說明。

XFastest 為推廣台灣地區的水冷風氣,特引進國際知名水冷套件品牌-EKWB,並提供優惠價格給有志水冷改裝的玩家嘗試。
EK原廠報價 199.99美元,加計運費、台灣進口關稅之後
XFastest 單組售價 新台幣 $6,990元 享免運優惠






  • HovercoreTM is a new, revolutionary design of radiator de-couplering that effectively prevents transfer of pump induced vibrations from the unit to the computer chassis itself, thus resulting in vibration-free and silent operation.
  • SupremacyTM MX CPU water block, top performer in Enthusiast segment, is specifically designed for Intel CPUs and offers great hydraulic and thermal performance. Carefully machined copper base is made from purest copper available and is further polished to absolute mirror finish. This alone greatly improves the cooling performance of the Predator.
  • CoolStreamTM PE 240mm radiator, has a full copper core superior to aluminum alternatives in terms of heat dissipation. In conjunction with EK-Vardar fans the result is increased performance across an entire fan operational range, thus delivering results both at low- and high airflow operation.
  • VardarTM fans – two on Predator 240 – are high-static pressure fans developed in-house specifically for liquid cooling systems. With low noise profile and PWM technology built in, the system always controls the RPM and keeps the fans silent while maintaining excellent cooling performance.
  • DDC pump is a powerful 6W liquid cooling pump providing 2-3x higher flow rate compared to other AIOs on the market. It’s also PWM controlled, allowing for automatic pump speed regulation depending on your CPU temperature. Full performance on demand or whisper quiet operation in idle mode!
  • Integrated Fan splitter hub reduces cable clutter and keeps the unit aesthetically clean. Predator pump and fans plug into the unit itself with only one PWM cable going into CPU Fan socket, while a single SATA molex cable powers the complete unit.



Dimensions: 295 x 133 x 68mm (L x W x H)
Fan type: EK-Vardar F4-120ER Predator Edition (550-2200rpm)
Tube length: ~400mm (15.75in)
Fitting type: EK-ACF Fitting 10/16mm
Coolant type: EK-Ekoolant EVO Clear
Pump type: Laing DDC3.1 6W
Total liquid capacity: ~290mL

Nominal cooling performance (fans @ 1850rpm):
ΔT=10K: ~287W
ΔT=15K: ~430W

CPU socket compatibility:
– Intel LGA-1150/1151/1155/1156
– Intel LGA-2011(-3)

Optional AMD Socket Upgrade Kit add-on brings further compatibility for the following CPU sockets:
– AMD Sockets: 939, 754, 940
– AMD Sockets: AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, FM1, FM2, FM2+

– EK-XLC Predator 240 – Revision 1.1
– EK-TIM Ectotherm (1g syringe)
– Main Power and PWM signal cable
– CPU Mounting mechanism
– Installation manual (ENG)



  • Narrow server type LGA-2011 is not supported by default – a Mounting plate Supremacy LGA-2011 Narrow ILM is mandatory to install this water block on narrow server type LGA-2011 motherboards. You will have to disassemble the water block, drain and refill the unit in order to install the block on a narrow server type LGA-2011.
  • EK-Supremacy MX Backplate is to be used only with Intel LGA-115x type motherboards.
  • This product can easily fit AMD socket processors via optional EK-XLC Predator AMD Upgrade Kit.









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