NVIDIA 將推出 Club GeForce Elite 訂閱 10$/月 進階服務

NVIDIA 將推出 Club GeForce Elite 訂閱 10$/月 進階服務

根據 NVIDIA 在 Linkedin 上的徵才公告中,揭露了相當有趣的新服務 “Club GeForce Elite” 訂閱。

Club GeForce Elite 訂閱為收費服務,計價為每月 10$ 美金,通過訂閱成為 Elite 的玩家們,可免費獲得每年 4 次 GFE 獨家遊戲、Free GeForce PC in the cloud、遊戲造型、遊戲物品與 GeForce Gear 等好處。

目前還未收到確切 Club GeForce Elite 訂閱的消息,但從美金計價來看並不會太貴,且若都是贈送 AAA 遊戲,這價格可以說相當划算,小編自身肯定會不小心手滑就訂閱了。


Annual Benefits To All GFE Users
“Club GeForce” should provide 3 classes of rewards to GFE users:

  • Free full copy of exclusive Indie game (1x/year)
  • Free custom skin or in-game item for AAA game (1x/qtr)
  • Early beta access for Talos and NVIDIA 1st party content
  • Exclusive hardware discounts for gaming gear

Weekly Giveaways And Prizes

  • Free AAA game codes and In-game currency
  • Early beta access to AAA games
  • Accessories to help gamers enjoy gaming better (HMDs, SHIELDs, Keyboards, etc)
  • Golden tickets to gaming events (Blizzcon, PAX, etc)

Targeted Spot Prizes To Drive Sentiment, Reward Behavior, And Grow Advocates

  • Free game codes for users who report a confirmed bug or contribute useful feature enhancement requests
  • Free game codes to our most active Share and GeForce Forum users
  • Free game codes to users who rank most negative and most positive on our sentiment tools

Club GeForce Also Provides Benefits Outside Of GFE

  • Early Registration and Invitations to Club GeForce Meetups, GeForce LAN and Community Events
  • GeForce Forum badges and rankings based on years in the Club



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