NVIDIA的CEO黃仁勳:NVIDIA GeForce顯示卡的平均售價只佔遊戲主機的1/3

在最近後期投資者的問答中,NVIDIA的CEO黃仁勳提出一些值得高度關注的有趣言論。NVIDIA的CEO黃仁勳:NVIDIA GeForce顯示卡的平均售價只佔遊戲主機的1/3

當分析師Vivek Arya(Bank of America Merrill Lynch)詢問NVIDIA是否看到玩家和顯卡的數量增長以及他們需要花多少時間獲得高端產品,他驚訝地回答說,他認為GeForce就像一個遊戲機,而且平均銷售價格低於實際遊戲機。

The average selling price of the NVIDIA GeForce is about a third of a game console. That’s the way to think about it. That’s the simple math. People are willing to spend $200, $300, $400, $500 for a new game console, and the NVIDIA GeForce GPU PC gaming card is on average far less.

There are people who just absolutely demand the best. And the reason for that is because they’re driving a monitor or they’re driving multiple monitors at a refresh rate well beyond a TV. So if you have a 4K or you want 120 hertz or some people are even driving it to 200 hertz, those kind of displays demand a lot more horsepower to drive than an average television, whether it’s 1080p or 4K at 60 frames a second or 30 frames a second. And so the amount of horsepower they need is great. But that’s just because they just really love their rig, and they’re surrounded in it, and they just want the best.

But the way to think about that is ultimately that’s the opportunity for us. I think GeForce is a game console. And the right way to think about that is at an equivalent ASP of some $200 – $300, that’s probably potentially an opportunity ahead for GeForce.


When we think about GeForce, these are the parameters involved. How much of our installed base has upgraded to Pascal? How much of our installed base is growing? How is gaming growing overall? What are the driving dynamics of gaming, whether it’s team sports or MOBA or using games for artistic expression? It’s related to the AAA titles that are coming out. Some years the games are just incredible. Some years the games are less incredible. These days the production quality of the games have just become systematically so good that we’ve had years now of blockbuster hits. So these are really the dimensions of it.
And then it’s overlaid on top of it with some seasonality because people do buy graphics cards and game consoles for Christmas and the holidays, and there are international holidays where people are given money as gifts and they save up the money for a new game console or a new game platform. And so in a lot of ways our business is driven by games, so it’s not unlike the characteristics of the rest of the gaming industry.




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