HP 與 DELL 向 NVIDIA GPP 說「不」, Intel 則有可能採取法律行動

根據 Hardocp 針對 NVIDIA GPP 系列報導的新更新,HP 與 DELL 向 NVIDIA GPP 說「不」,且認為這是不道德的行為;另一方面,Intel 的 Kaby Lake-G 處理器,可能被 GPP 所限,因此不外乎 Intel「有可能」採取法律行動。

Kyle Bennett 在撰文時提到:「Dell nor HP are wanting to turn over their gaming brands to NVIDIA. Off the record conversations suggest that both of these companies think that NVIDIA GPP is unethical, and likely illegal as it pertains to anti-competition laws here in the United States. The bottom line is that Dell and HP are very much upset with NVIDIA over GPP, and Dell and HP look to be digging in for a fight.」。

在談話中兩公司都認為 NVIDIA GPP 是不道德的行為,更可能觸犯美國的反競爭法。雖說台灣三大板卡廠商 ASUS、MSI、GIGABYTE 都已經無形中認同 NVIDIA GPP 的行為,但相對北美企業對於這 GPP 較不能苟同。

此外,另一個未知則是 Intel:「The other unknown in this is Intel. Big Blue is very much aware of what is going on, and GPP could very much impact the sales of its Kaby Lake-G part that contains a GPU that was built by AMD specifically for Intel. I would expect we are going to see legal action initiated on NVIDIA GPP by Intel at some point in the future.」。

Intel 新推出的 Kaby Lake-G 處理器,可能被 GPP 所限,因此不外乎 Intel「有可能」採取法律行動。

Kyle Bennett 在結尾時這麼提到,NVIDIA 認為自身的 GPP 是個甜頭,但其實是把隱藏的雙面刃。北美公司可能看清 GPP 的底線,但對於亞洲的公司來說,這只不過是另一個商業行為,別冒險犯傻繼續工作。

希望 HP 與 DELL 能持續這立場,也繼續看下去 NVIDIA GPP 這一役將如何變化。


source: hardocp.com


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